Friday, July 13, 2007

16.12 On Time
"Not HIM again. I told him yesterday I'd ring at lunchtime today if I hadn't got his sodding letter. Why has he called twice this morning to ask if I've got it??? What part of 'I will ring you...' does he not understand???"

"She's called twice??? But I'm not even dealing with the Flan, I'm dealing with the Troubleshooter!"
"Give it to me, I'll ring her"
"No! I'm not dealing with the Flan. The Flan is nothing to do with me"
"Then let me ring her..."

I was drowning in pink message slips and ThesaurusBoy saved my life.
(Although the Flan really wasn't any of our business.)

It's odd - all week I've been in control, skating across the surface, serene in the face of extreme provocation (it's even been commented on). Then today I fall apart completely.

Although, checking my diary, I see that maybe it's not totally inexplicable.

I still want voicemail back though.

No Self-Control - Peter Gabriel
Cast No Shadow - Oasis
The View From The Afternoon - Arctic Monkeys
Plastic Skull - Astrid
Baby Britain - Elliott Smith
Fruit Of The Vine - Jim White
Run Devil Run - Jenny Lewis
Everybody Come Down - The Delgados


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