Monday, January 19, 2009

8.38 Three Minutes Late
This morning was great. I got up at half six and did thirty minutes on the exercise bike. It removed all the guilt from the rest of the day.

Then I remembered: today I’ve been at my job for exactly ten years.
It’s far too long, but it’s far too late to leave.

So, this is it – the acrimonious meetings, the dissembling, the back peddling, the lambs to the slaughter, the wolves in sheep’s clothing – I’m not complaining, I must make that clear. I’m accepting how it is – there’s no point trying to change it, working to make it better or hoping it’ll come out right eventually. Any improvements we do achieve will be purely coincidental and in spite, not because, of the 'SMT'.

There, I already feel better.

However, I reserve the right to continue to be ‘outraged’ at the inefficiency and ineptitude, to still laugh at the idiocy and gasp at the rumour that the much derided ‘Away Day’ lined up for March, will set the service back the annual salary of a minion such as myself. The food better be good.

Minor Works - J Tillman


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