Thursday, January 15, 2009

"...instead I'm just the flower girl, dropping petals all through this empty world"

8.38 On Time
A problem with these Virgin trains is that once you've got settled in your seat you can't really see anyone else – especially when it's quiet and you’re right down at the far end where no one even needs to walk past. So, if no one else will occupy my time for me, what's left for a girl to do but sit and think? On top of that it’s exactly the gloomy, drizzly, chilly type of day that sets a person up for fifteen minutes of pointless introspection as they’re hurtling down the track.

I assume a suitably melancholy expression and wait pensively for the thoughts to arrive. Not much happens. I try a bit harder. Tulketh Mill glides by, then the University. Still nothing, and we're already being advised on how to open the doors and safely descend to the platform.

The other problem with these Virgin trains is that fifteen minutes doesn't really give you long enough to get properly introspective about anything.

Flower Girl - Joe Henry


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