Tuesday, February 17, 2009

8.41 Two Minutes Late
But it all counts because I forgot, until I was a minute away from the station, that today I am on A Course. A Course which will begin at 9:15.

I send the same text to three people (on purpose) explaining that I might be a bit late and a strange calm settles over me. It's really most unusual. I'm not good at being late or unprepared, or not knowing exactly where I'm going, yet here I am: late, unprepared, not knowing exactly where I'm going, quite unfazed by it. There's absolutely nothing I can do and ... I like it!

When I arrive (9:14 - still time for coffee) I find a piece of paper in my pocket. It's from last night. Mantras to use in times of stress.

She didn't mention that you don't even have to say them.

Tales Of The Riverbank
Dreams Of Children
In The City
Smithers- Jones
Absolute Beginners


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