Tuesday, March 29, 2005


500 Calories – 41 Minutes 46 Seconds
This is cheating really, as I’ve not been on the train due to having some days off. However, I did sneak into the Attic Studio Complex to try out the new equipment and almost got a PB on the exercise bike while listening to hugely inappropriate tunes on the jukebox, so I think that will cover the transport/music angle.

Spent the greater part of the day feeling melancholic and drippy, which I attribute to having finished reading "The Time Travelers Wife" and wishing that it wasn't finished. There were some tears.

Also, been listening to this over and over for the last few days. Not that impressed on first hearing – now can’t get enough of it.

The Place I Love – The Jam
The Irish Keep Gate-Crashing – The Thrills
Myxomatosis – Radiohead
2nd Law – Tom McRae
Why Won’t You Tell Me Why – Josh Rouse
Coming Second – Elbow
The Long Division – Elvis Costello
Stretch Out And Wait – The Smiths
Hostage-O – Warren Zevon
Warning Sign - Coldplay


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