Tuesday, March 22, 2005

In These Shoes.....?

8.10 On Time
I need some shoes.

I can feel the cracks in the pavement through the soles of the ones I'm wearing. Plus, water is seeping in.

Shoes are so dull. I've been in three shops now and felt nothing but narcoleptic. I've taken to staring at other people's feet to see what they've got going on down there, but learnt nothing - except that PinkBunnyColleague's trousers are way too short for those boots.

I went for a job in a shoe shop once (I was desperate, alright).
It was going well. I had retail experience, I was keen to unleash my creative talents on the window display, I was flexible and local (and desperate) ... then I was asked: "Where do you buy your shoes?"

I answered without blinking:

"Oh, I'm not that interested in shoes"

Didn't get the job after all.

In These Shoes - Kirsty MacColl
I'm Only Sleeping - The Beatles
Get Up & Go - Cinerama
Songs Of Love - Divine Comedy
Seeing Other People - Belle & Sebastian
Knives Out - Radiohead
So Far Away - Stephen Duffy
Shark Food - Starsailor
All Time - Lorien

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