Friday, April 08, 2005

17.12 On Time
It seems as though there as less and less of Us every day.
The Office is quieter, darker, emptier.

OldFishwife usually blames her poor short term memory on decrepitude, however overwork is also taking it's toll. In the middle of a discussion yesterday she turned, looked blank for a split second, then pointed a witchy finger at me and wailed despairingly: "That. Girl. There. Who's name I can't remember..."

(There are just as many of Them though.)

The Delete List (for a change, tunes that got bumped of the Jukebox this week)
Spinning Plates - Radiohead
Pet Rock - Teenage Fanclub
Sugardaddy - Billy Bragg
Autumn Flower - Roddy Frame
Thanksgiving - Jason Anderson
Sylvia - Pulp
40 Days & 40 Flights - Badly Drawn Boy
Little Love Affairs - Nanci Griffith


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