Tuesday, April 26, 2005

17.12 On Time
Only three days to go till the Long Weekend in Westmorland.

I'm getting worried. People seem to think I've organised it. Which I suppose, if you call checking out hundreds of potential cottages on the internet, choosing the finalists, booking the chosen one, sending the cheque off, telling everybody what they need to bring, deciding what everyone will be doing and putting first dibs on the best bedroom 'organising', then I have.

I'm not a power mad control freak or anything.

I'm also starting to wonder if going on holiday with work colleagues is the fantastic idea it seemed that February night in the pub. Oh, but, everything will be fine ... it's not as if we've been particularly looking forward to it or really need the break or anything is it?

I sent ZebedeeTheReceptionist a cautionary link to the "Red Bull suspected in Swedish Deaths" story and, worst comes to worst, we could probably lose her in the woods for a while.

Goodbye Lucille #1 - Prefab Sprout
Hysteria - Muse
Everything Beautiful Is Far Away - Grandaddy
Blue Monday - New Order
Crumb By Crumb - Rufus Wainwright
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day
Some Fantastic Place - Squeeze


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