Tuesday, May 10, 2005

7.31 Cancelled
8.10 On Time
The railway station is right next door to a taxi firm. In the olden days, when a train was cancelled, TicketSellingGuy was empowered to stick his head out the window and yell across to summon up a fleet of taxis within minutes.
These days he has to ring Control in Manchester.
Control in Manchester has to ring an Agency.
The Agency diligently source the best available deal and finally, forty or fifty minutes later, two or three taxis from the firm next to the station show up.

But by then we've all got on another train.

Don't know what I was so mopey about yesterday. I'm off on holiday again in a fortnight.

Here Comes The Flood - Divine Comedy
Strung Out Again - Elliott Smith
The One I Love - REM
Manchild - Eels
Homesick - Kings Of Convenience
Ten Feet Tall - XTC
Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine - The Killers
One Horse Town - The Thrills


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