Wednesday, June 29, 2005

16.12 On Time
I have returned to work.

Even worse, the stylish purple cast has been removed and replaced by a beige, old-ladyish support device so that it no longer appears that I might possibly have had a daredevilish skate/snowboarding accident, but only that I am an old lady who maybe tripped over her cat while putting the milk bottles out one night.

Anyway, work wasn't too bad considering (considering I rolled in at ten and out again at four, as I have permission to do for 'a week or so' due to LineManager having been on the training course and everything).

And there wasn't much room in my head for anything other than echoes of the voice of Jenny Lewis and the tremendous noise that is Rilo Kiley. Tim, TheOlderBoy and I being among last night's lucky audience at the Night And Day.
They were very, very good. It was very, very hot. Then very, very wet.
TheOlderBoy caught a drumstick with his eye but was unable to hold on to it.

A Better Son/Daughter
Three Hopeful Thoughts
The Good That Won't Come Out
Portions For Foxes
More Adventurous
...Sunlight That Surrounds You...
Does He Love You
It's A Hit

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