Wednesday, June 22, 2005

LineManager rang today. He's been on a course to learn how to deal with the long term sick and needed a guinea pig. In accordance with protocol he kept me in touch . Ensured that I didn't feel isolated. Updated me. Appraised me of developments.

He was well meaning but superfluous. Leanne has been keeping me very adequately informed. I probably know more about what's going on than he does.

His call did make me wonder if I might have entered Phase II of sick leave. I don't feel guilty about not being at work anymore. I'm quite happy being at home pottering. Also, it's Wimbledon.

And it's been such a relief to come to terms with the fact that "enjoying the garden" is an end in itself. Dozing in the hammock is what all that digging and soil sifting was in aid of.

Soundtrack: Clare Balding flirting with Kim Clijsters

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