Wednesday, July 06, 2005

17.12 On Time
SmellyColleague continues to dedicate himself to his Constructive Dismissal evidence folder.
To accommodate his burning desire to 'develop' (yeah, right) the office is being reorganised. The DreamTeam will be split asunder and Lovely (who, technically, has not been in the job as long, but has somehow managed to find the time and motivation to develop himself perfectly adequately) will now be expected to tolerate Smelly's unsavoury personal habits and devote himself to being a supportive mentor and guide.

I am banished from my cosy, centrally placed and, most importantly, solitary desk to the furthest corner of the office - I'd call it Siberia, but I've been there and it was pretty nice actually - where I will be sharing with ThesaurusBoy.
I will only be able to communicate with Charlie & Leanne by semaphore. Or email.

Teeth have never been so gritted.

The 90 minutes it took before we were able to attempt to leave the Reebok on Monday were well spent - just ask Tim for a look at his glove compartment. However, I'm not expecting to be able to spot myself on the video

Fix You
The Scientist
Speed Of Sound
In My Place
Everything's Not Lost
Square One
Don't Panic

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