Monday, July 11, 2005

Different For Girls

8.10 On Time
I am such a wimp.
Following her "SURPRISE!" 80th birthday party, family reunion and plane flight Tim's mum went off and did a night shift at the Samaritans.

I went off to bed and slept for twelve hours.

There's nothing like spending some time trapped in the celebrating bosom of a rumbustious, rambling family to fuck with the head of a chaos-phobic, socially inept, orphaned, only child.
However, I think everyone who was meant to have a good time had a good time. Which is the main thing.

Daisy Through Concrete - Eels
Drunk Kid Catholic - Bright Eyes
English Rose - The Jam
Boulevard Of Broken Songs - Green Day v Oasis
Imitation Of Life - REM
Shining Light - Ash
The Black Amnesias - Hope Of The States
No Surprises - Radiohead


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