Wednesday, July 13, 2005

This Is Not My Life

17.12 Cancelled
Life's not like knitting.
When you get the pattern wrong or split the wool or drop a stitch you can't just unravel back to before and carry on as if nothing had happened with no-one any the wiser.

When the train breaks down most people are too hot to be indignant.
GeekBoy tells me it's nearly all over for him any way. In another month he'll have worked his notice and be starting a new life.

I'm still anxious about the Josh Rouse tickets. It's not as though this is the first time I haven't remembered my post code correctly. And I hate my new desk.

A Fond Farewell - Elliott Smith
Fruit Tree - Nick Drake
Soul Boy - The Blue Nile
All You Deliver - Jose Gonzales
Salvation Song - The Lilac Time
In Other Words - Ben Kweller
...Sunlight That Surrounds You...- Rilo Kiley
Daisy Through Concrete - Eels
Magic - Ben Folds Five

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