Monday, August 08, 2005

11.04 Five Minutes Late
I've just been to physio.

Didn't have to wait five months after all. When I told the nice lady on the phone that the OtherHospital had said I would, she laughed in a "How silly would that be? You'd be all better on your own by then, wouldn't you?" kind of way. Anyway, I've been wrapped in hot wax and painfully manipulated by someone who seemed to know what they were doing.
And I'm going back for more next week.

It seems I should get 90% mobility back.

I was disappointed by this until TheYoungerBoy pointed out that I probably never used more than 63% of my mobility anyway. He had a point.

Spent the weekend hoping I didn't do or say anything to embarrass Perfect in front of his friends on Friday.
(I'm really, really sorry - I managed to avoid stating the obvious to VeryTallFriend right up until the final moments, but I just couldn't hold it in)

The World Awake - Prefab Sprout
Strangeways Inside - Mull Historical Society
Boat - Astrid
The Man In The Iron Mask - Billy Bragg
Black Star - Radiohead
Black Amnesias - Hope Of The States
Close To Me - The Cure
It's Wasting Me Away - Electric Soft Parade


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