Tuesday, August 16, 2005

17.12 On Time
Spend the journey trying to avoid JenniferGarnerLookalike's bosom.
Tricky business seeing how she's folded up on the seat opposite me, all legs and cleavage.
Is it rude to stare? (And where can I get a bra like that? )

And if I don't stare at her I end up staring at SexyEyes, and he fancies himself quite enough already.

Solve the problem. Doze off.

Talking In The Dark - Elvis Costello
The Problem - Lambchop
Hedonist - House Of Love
Streetlights - Josh Rouse
Home Counties Boy - Martin Newell
Burning Flies - Looper
Snow Camping - Laura Veirs
Heaven - Robyn Hitchcock

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