Monday, August 01, 2005

7.31 Twenty Minutes Late
But at least I got in in time to overhear this, from WalkingMedicalEncyclopedia:

"It was a good wedding, one of the guests actually had a heart attack"

Over the last two nights I've woken up from a variety of dreams, soaked in sweat for all the wrong reasons, feeling panic, despair, anxiety and desolation.

What's going on?

Wooden Nickels - Eels
Mine - Everything But The Girl
The Myth Of Trust - Billy Bragg
Perfect - the Lightening Seeds
Wish 'em All Away - Embrace
Under Control - The Strokes
A Fond farewell - Elliott Smith
Aint That Enough - Teenage Fanclub
Tie Me Up - Cinerama
The Real Thing - Grand Drive
Fly - The Jam
Blackbird - The Beatles
Home - Stephen Duffy
Postcards From The Beach - Ballboy

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