Friday, August 19, 2005

Are You Happy What You're Doing?

17.12 On Time
I rock!!!

Against all odds and in the face of overwhelming adversity (or by just getting on and doing my job, whichever version you prefer) I have made someone £2,000 better off than they were yesterday.

I rule!!!

(and rock)

The day (like Grandad) goes from strength to strength as I am "very helpful" to a man going into battle with cowboy plumbers, and even able to find time to be sensitive to a depressed, near hysterical woman who has a youth offending worker, panic attacks and a runaway daughter to cope with (though I forget why she called).
I also say "extrapolate"and "scrutiny" in appropriate circumstances (not to the near hysterical woman).

Truly a memorable day.

They must be putting something in the water.

Music When The Lights Go Out - The Libertines
Cayman Islands - Kings Of Convenience
Slow Moves - Jose Gonzales
Let Love Not Weight Me Down - Ed Harcourt
Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
Things We Said Today - The Beatles
Somebody Loves You - Eels
The Group Who Couldn't Say - Granddady


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