Tuesday, October 11, 2005

7.31 Cancelled
8.10 Fifteen Minutes Late
Being in a filthy mood due to the ineptitude of Northern Trains didn't put me in the best frame of mind for a session with the world's mumbliest training provider.

I managed to glean that 'a stitch in time saves nine' but, in other circumstances, 'more haste less speed' and very possibly, 'softly softly catchee monkey'. The prime directive appeared to be: if you want to keep your job and not end up in prison, don't tell anybody anything.

And people think I'm abstruse.

When I woke up I found I'd scribbled down some ideas for Leanne's "Elbow For Sceptics" compilation (see below) so the day wasn't entirely wasted.

Oh, and the rhubarb crumble was ace and the chairs rocked - literally

Any Day Now
Powder Blue
Scattered Black & Whites
Fugitive Motel
Switching Off
Not A Job
Station Approach
Forget Myself
The Stops*
Leaders Of The Free World
The Everthere
Great Expectations
Puncture Repair

*New Favourite Song Alert

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