Wednesday, October 26, 2005

8.10 On Time
10.09 Email from reception:

Say nothing, I could be right, I believe she had her coat on and they don't know where she is. Z.

Maybe I am becoming embroiled in a murder mystery.
Mr Badger* from yesterday, wearing his waistcoat and ostentatiously checking his pocket watch, will walk through the door and start deducing things about our motives and movements and I will know I’m in a 1930’s drama.
Good will ultimately triumph.
Part II will follow the news.

14.29 Email from reception:

Say Nothing, only when you are passing please call. Thanks Z.

The plot thickens
The question is, should I call?

Philosophy – Ben Folds Five
Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles
The Group Who Couldn’t Say – Grandaddy
Loneliness – Ed Harcourt
Christmas In Suburbia – Martin Newell
Dialogue – Rosie Thomas
A Better Son/Daughter – Rilo Kiley
I’m Only Sleeping – The Beatles
Life Of Surprises – Prefab Sprout
Any Day Now – Elbow

*I appreciate that he was a barrister, not a detective, but when did not being a detective ever stop anyone?


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