Tuesday, November 15, 2005

8.10 On Time
For several weeks now I have been stubbornly refusing to succumb to germs.

Despite every other member of the household/office environment doing their best to contaminate me, I have remained sniff & cough free.
Till now.
My throat hurts and my nose is sore and my ears are buzzing.

It’s because I didn’t wrap up warm at the weekend isn’t it?

Had a busy time of it watching
those and seeing that followed by these and this and best of all them.

Little Room - The White Stripes

El Caminos In The West – Grandaddy
I'm From Further North Than You - The Wedding Present
Proof – I Am Kloot
Trouble – Coldplay
Evil – Interpol
London's Brilliant Parade – Elvis Costello
A Woman Lost In Serious Problems – Josh Rouse
Turn You Inside Out - REM

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