Wednesday, November 09, 2005

8.10 On Time
On a couple of occasions before the clocks went back I saw a scene from "Kes" being recreated in a field near ShabbyStation. In the dusk, with the lights of ShabbyTown starting to come on behind him - a boy in a field with a lure and a hawk.

I trust it didn’t end badly.

Nothing to see now. People are starting to draw the curtains before switching their lights on, which is a disappointment to someone who likes nothing better than to peep into your house and see what your life is like.

Spent a day last week trying to give things away in Morecambe’s Arndale Centre.

It’s harder than you’d think.

Blue - Lorien

Stay In The Shade - Jose Gonzales
Full Of Stars - Turin Brakes
Stay Out Of Trouble - Kings Of Convenience
Country Darkness - Elvis Costello
Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
Running Out Of Angels - ELvis Costello
You Cut Her Hair - Tom McRae
A Passing Feeling - Elliott Smith

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