Sunday, November 27, 2005

Posting : Cancelled, Delayed & Postponed.
Something kept me away from the PC all week.
Wrong kind of fog on the keyboard maybe?
Snow drifts blocking the final flight of stairs to the unnaturally tidy attic perhaps?

It’s been a week of ups and downs.
I’ll confess that discovering SecretCrush has absolutely no time in his life for Radiohead was a blow, but a teatime spent imagining what Mr Blackwell must have said at half time more than made up for it.

Monday – There was a cancellation. I wrote an indgnant rant about it but there are only so many ways you can moan about the state of the railways and I think I’ve used them all up so I deleted it.

Tuesday – Overheard Thesaurus Boy saying:
“Write a letter giving them a ‘reasonable period of time’ to supply the Daleks”
Couldn’t help but wonder if he was on the end of a Dead Ringers spoof call, but apparently not. Anyway, what would a ‘reasonable period’ be to a Time Lord?

Went to see Rosie Thomas in Liverpool.

Wednesday – The incomparable Elbow in Manchester*

Thursday – Early night

Friday – Chumps of the Week:
A couple from Oswaldtwistle rang to complain about their satellite navigation system.

They wanted to go on a touring holiday of the Welsh Borders.
They got as far as Shrewsbury, and it stopped working.
They spent the entire three weeks in Shrewsbury

Block Rockin’Beats – Chemical Brothers
Volunteer – Warren Zevon
Older – they Might Be Giants
Queen Elvis II – Robyn Hitchcock
Strachan – The Hitchers
Trying My Luck – The Strokes
Say Goodbye To Hollywood – Billy Joel
Just Like Christmas - Low

*bedshaped, yes, I loved it. No ‘Stops’ and Fugitive Motel was all wrong somehow, but Great Expectations, Newborn/Switching Off & Forget Myself were all spine tingling highlights!

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