Tuesday, January 31, 2006

16.12 On Time
I find some work to do.

“…but did Miss X receive her tickets?”
That’s the fifth time you’ve asked that. I want to talk about how unprofessional you are…”
“Did Miss X ever receive her tickets?”
Sixth time…are you always so unprofessional? Do you always give such bad advice?”
“So when, exactly, did you send Miss X her tickets?”
I am a legitimate business man. You cannot keep repeating this to me like you are a robot
“Did you supply Miss X with the tickets she ordered?”
Are you a machine? Are you a computer programmed to say this one thing?”

Move forward several minutes. I have really unleashed my inner Paxman by this stage. I’m not even letting him finish his sentences.

“…Am I on speaker phone? Am I providing entertainment for your whole office? Are they all as unprofessional as you? Are you LAUGHING?

I had to confess that I was.
The conversation was going very well or very badly, depending on your perspective.

All I can say is, should you ever be in the position of not receiving tickets from…let's call them “NeverHadAnyTicketsInTheFirstPlace” Agency and you paid by credit card, contact your card company and try a 'chargeback'.
Seems to annoy the hell out of the, let’s call him “Managing Director”.

I Don’t Want To Go To Chelsea – Elvis Costello
White Riot – The Clash
Roadrunner – Jonathan Richman
Sound Of The Suburbs - The Members
When I Dream – Teardrop Explodes
Whole Wide World – Wreckless Eric
Looking After Number One – Boomtown Rats
Funeral Pyre – The Jam


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