Monday, January 23, 2006

17.12 On Time
It's a testing time at the Office.
Pregnancy, infertility, fledgling relationships - and as if that weren't enough to cope with tomorrow is the final day before EverythingChanges forever. Or until the money runs out.

But hey, never mind the disquieting rumour and uncertainty. Forget the fact that ThePowersThatBe don't seem to have a clue what our jobs will be on Wednesday.

ITV3 is showing re-runs of Due South.
Put the kettle on, pull up a comfy chair and relive your favourite Mountie Moments.

All together now - "I said ELVES you moron!"

Powder Blue -Elbow
Year Of The Cat - Al Stewart
The Pretender - Jackson Browne
Lady Eleanor - Lindisfarne
A Free Man In Paris - Joni Mitchell
You Wear It Well - Rod Stewart
My Little Town - Simon & Garfunkel
Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel

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