Monday, February 27, 2006

7:31? 8:10? Don't know, don't care.
I've got the day off work and spent a fantastic morning tidying cupboards.
Before you cry "Freak!" stop and think. What beats the feeling of throwing away out of date food and reorganising the cleaning products under the sink? Go on, be honest, there's not much is there?

Unless, afterwards, it's dancing round the North West's most efficient kitchen singing along to Cinerama, wrapped in a smug grin.

Which reminds me, I've recently discovered a phenomena I'm calling "The Wedding Present Effect". On the couple of occasions the "I'm from further North..." t-shirt has been aired in a pub situation it seems to have brought great pleasure to men of a certain age.

Both times I've been approached by blokes with faraway eyes and huge grins. Voices heavy with emotion they sigh: "David Gedge! I used to love he still going?... did you see him?"
In telling them "Yes" I feel like an angel of hope.

Disco Volante - Cinerama
Torino - Cinerama
Take Fountain - The Wedding Present

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