Thursday, March 02, 2006

8:10 On Time
“I love you, I want to have your babies” is not a very professional response I know.

So I didn’t actually say it out loud. Not even when I’d put the phone down.

My favourite type of complaint has got to be the one where Mr.SoundsVeryYoungButWillGoFar returns my call, apologises for not calling sooner, and explains how everything has been resolved and that, in fact, he wrote a letter to Mr.CrossWithGoodReason only two days ago explaining how great everything was going to be from now on, for ever, 'cross my heart & hope to die'.

I know that when Mr.CrossWithGoodReason gets that letter he’s going to think it was all my doing and, no matter how much I try to tell him it’s coincidence, won’t believe that I didn’t wave my magic wand.

All the kudos for none of the effort!

Soul Boy – The Blue Nile
Newborn – Elbow
Sulk – Radiohead
Black Star – Radiohead
High & Dry – Radiohead

Wow - Cinerama
Quick, Before It Melts - Cinerama

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