Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You Do It To Yourself, You Do, And That's What Really Hurts.

I should be on strike, but as I booked leave months ago I'm not.
I'm feeling guilty about my lack of solidarity instead.

Oh, and about not doing the things on my "Week Off - To Do" list.
Well, I figure I've got till something goes wrong before I regret not sorting out the travel insurance. And "mortgage stuff"... that's been on the List so long another few weeks days isn't going to make any difference. As for "Malham - Sort Out Activities" well, there aren't any, alright? I'm all out of ideas. No inspiration. (I still think fancy dress was a potential winner but now that's been vetoed, along with contacting the dead and pony trekking).
We're staying next door to the
pub, and there's plenty of walking. What more do you need?

But ...."J's Birthday," hmmm. Messed up there didn't I?
See? It was on the list - I didn't even forget - it's worse than forgetting. Sorry. Will 'I had a lot on my mind' do?
No? Not really.

Finally, and I know I've touched on this before, but, if you were one of the many people occupying valuable space at the
Manchester Apollo last night (and what did you think you were buying tickets for? Wrestling?) who couldn't sit still or shut up for more than five minutes at a time - please, next time, stay home and watch MTV.
At least you won't be annoying anyone else with your constant need to pop out for a beer/deal with the consequences of popping out for a beer.
Grumpy? ME?

Radiohead On Random

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