Thursday, April 20, 2006

8.10 Five Minutes Late (Sheep on the line)
This morning I wrote a letter and it was almost like the Old Days.

There's satisfaction in writing a good letter.

One where you know you've covered all the points and been polite and given somebody a dignified way out of the mess they've made ... yet there's still enough rope for them to hang themselves, should they be so inclined.
If you can throw in some big words and avoid reference to specific legislation so much the better.

I forgot.
That's what my job should be like.

Then, this afternoon, my phone rang.
There was a chap on the other end looking for help.
I set his mind at rest and then we flirted a bit.
That was good too.

I miss that.
I am loosing all my skills.

Pink Bullets - The Shins
Do You Ever Think Of Me - Laura Cantrell
Underneath The Stars - Kate Rusby
A Case Of You - Joni Mitchell

Silent All These Years - Tori Amos
Melt Your Heart - Jenny Lewis

Sixteen, Maybe Less - Calexico/Iron & Wine
A Dream That We All Share - The Lilac Time
Patience Of Angels - Boo Hewerdine


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