Monday, April 24, 2006

Call It Predictable, Yesterday My Dream Was Of You

8.10 Five Minutes Late
Busy weekend - here on Friday, there on Sunday...

And, on Saturday, the Virgin Pendolino.
I was on my way up to Lancaster to meet R&J, so excited enough without the rail equivalent of arriving in a stretch limo.

There was pizza & wine and some considerable deepening of the laughter lines.
We discussed growing old gracefully (or not).
Men and their shortcomings (Tim doesn’t have any, which indicates I must be the defective one in this household).
How we’ve never been back to Ormskirk (because you can never go back can you?)

And, how tricky it might be to blog honestly if you knew who might be reading.

Heart Remains A Child - Everything But The Girl
Ventura Highway - America
Any Major Dude - Steely Dan
The Art Teacher – Rufus Wainwright
You Are What You Love – Jenny Lewis
Wouldn’t Miss It For The World – Johnathan Rice
Sixteen, Maybe Less – Calexico/Iron & Wine


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