Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sour Times

17.13 On Time
Word on the redeployment front:

“Once Managers have filled 3 Unit Manager posts, (following competitive interviews if required) the 4th Unit Manager post will be ring-fenced to the next tier of officers in our current structure (posts encompassing grade PO 38 or above)
Once all 4 Unit Manager posts have been filled each officer at the PO38 or above tier, referred to in 4 above, will be allocated a suitable post from the equivalent tier of posts in the new structure. (Discussions with the individuals concerned will take place before proposals for the allocation of posts are presented to Panel for confirmation)
After completion of the above phases further discussions with Panel will take place, with a view to first filling the remaining higher tier posts in the new structure and the filling of the new Senior posts. Allocating all other officers a suitable post in the new structure should then be possible.”

Glad that’s cleared up then.
We were told it was going to take two months.
In March.

Back in the real world Charlie said: “I’ve got one here who is too disabled to write a letter, but she's been to Ikea buying flat pack furniture…”

Lovely had a woman who needed help because her husband and dog were of a nervous disposition.

Then there was the young man who was apparently ‘vulnerable’ but who, when contacted “can’t talk at the moment, I’m at an auction bidding for a horse…”

And so it goes.

How we love them, up in Barrow, with their 87% satisfaction rating and their cute and endearing ways of keeping call times to under six minutes.

Meanwhile, LineManager reported that this was rather a low Quay event.
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About A Girl - Nirvana
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths
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