Thursday, June 15, 2006

7.31 On Time
TicketSellingGuy is having a bad day.

Chip & Pin has finally arrived at the glorified bus shelter we call The Station and he’s not impressed. The machine was installed yesterday and it doesn’t look as if it’s going to bring him to dizzying new heights of efficiency any time soon. There are the extra key strokes, the increased paperwork and oh-so much more to malfunction, and malfunction it surely will.

Added to that there's the 21st Century Challenged traveller who has managed to remain blissfully unaware of the concept of the pin number until ninety seconds before his train is due...

...I thought I’d play safe and pay cash today.

Radio Silence – Elvis Costello
Too Much Love – Belle & Sebastian
…Baby One More Time – Fountains Of Wayne
Walk Away Renee – The Four Tops
Levi Stubbs Tears – Billy Bragg
Reelin’ In The Years – Steely Dan
Radio Sweetheart – Elvis Costello

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