Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday 28th August - Vancouver

Had three anxiety dreams last night featuring:

1) Tim insisting on driving a hire car up Grouse Mountain in a blizzard.
2) Missing the Pacific Coach Lines bus and, consequently, the ferry to Victoria
3) Being driven somewhere in the Office car by Leanne; it getting slowly crushed by a cement mixing wagon; me ending up with a broken foot.

Didn’t sleep well.

Keeping to the schedule (because the BBC 'five day forecast' said tomorrow was going to be overcast) we did the 'Girlfriend in a Coma' tribute tour. Part of it any way. The full thing would’ve included Capilano Gorge, Cleveland Dam and visiting the Park Royal Mall, but I was getting peckish and we’ve got to leave something for next time.

Consumed a quantity of lovingly engineered cocktails and the minimum amount of wasabi nuts (thanks Moose!) in The Free House.

Finally felt relaxed.

Still no Mounties.

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