Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday 3rd September - Seattle

My only 'must see' act at Bumbershoot is Jose Gonzales.

To achieve this, it is necessary to stake a claim in the vicinity of the Jazz stage.
But it's OK. It's inoffensive jazz. The sun is shining.
And, thanks to the stringent 'no alcohol to be consumed outside of the white picket fence' regulations, I am in no danger from pissed up lads attempting to carry 10 plastic pints of lager at once, failing, and spilling it on me.

At the conclusion of the set by Seattle's premier jazz trumpeter (or something) we play our cards right and get seats in the third row.

Infront of us are some charming young people who are passing the time between sets by playing trivial pursuit. It's inevitable that we will be eavesdropping on the questions. I have that whole "am I going deaf?" experience again when I spend 10 minutes trying to work out the answer to "Which British lesbian brought Shakespeare to the massess?"

It turns out to be Kenneth Brannagh.


Anyway. Jose Gonzales was perfect for the time and the place. But his set was way too short.
Under no circumstances will I sit through Vashti Bunyan again. (Certainly)
Or eat Funnel Cake. (Probably)
Or drink a 'Lola Mary'. (Possibly)

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