Monday, September 18, 2006


8.10 On Time
For the last two nights I’ve had the same dream.
My hair grew, miraculously, till it was long enough to sit on, and I was captivated by the shiny silkiness of it.

Woke up and discovered it was approximately half a millimetre longer than the day before.

Once I could understand, but to dream the exact same thing, and feel the exact same disappointment on waking up, two nights in a row?

Oh well. Lovely would’ve said it was inappropriate, at my age, anyway.
He’d’ve probably made me wear a hairnet for work.

(NB: Remember to tell Leanne about the Vancouver waitresses. Specifically the slender, discreetly tattooed and pierced one who looked like a Slayer and the smiley one who looked like Alan Smith. But petite.)

Such Great Heights – Iron & Wine
Shivering Sun - Lorien
It’s About Time- The Lemonheads
The Patience Of Angels – Boo Hewerdine
Luck – Style Council
Yours and Mine – Calexico
We Used To Be So – Stephen Duffy
Airborne - Cinerama
Enjoy The Silence - Susanna and the Magical Orchestra


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