Monday, October 30, 2006

7.31 On Time
I watch some more telly!!! (TM)

Not sure how much longer the dark charms of Richard Armitage will be sufficient to lure me to Sherwood Forest of a Saturday night. That Robin Hood is such an irritating smug bastard and is in dire need of a good slapping.

For heaven's sake Marian, wake up and smell the peasants! You could do so much better.

Being unfamiliar with the many buttons of the "remote" control device I was unable to turn over fast enough to prevent an Eastenders trailer infiltrating my consciousness.
Then I was stopped in my tracks by the background music: "I need you so much closer....I need you so much closer..."
So wrong, so very wrong! Death Cab For Cutie do not belong in Albert Square.

Meanwhile, on Sunday night I was reduced to genuine, shoulder shaking, pass-me-a-tissue-I'll-be-blubbing-any-second, sobs. In a good way.

I'n't Liz Smith brilliant?

Leaders Of The Free World - Elbow

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