Monday, October 23, 2006

Another Slow Day At The Office

17.12 Five Minutes Late:Teenager without ticket foiled by Conductor. Boo!
Fuzzy Felt's not what it used to be.

The board looks like it's made of fibre glass and that modern felt is really thin. Like when you've squeezed out one jam tart more than you actually had enough pastry to make. It started going wrong when they brought out those character specific sets like 'Noddy Fuzzy Felt' when they printed pictures onto the shapes, because generic Farm/Hospital/Zoo or, my own personal favourite, 'Ballet' wasn't good enough anymore.

They did the same thing with lego. That went all out for themes and it lost it's soul. Whatever happened to having a bit of imagination but not enough 'eighters' ?

Oh God, I'm turning into one of those people. You know, they go on about how curly wurly's were bigger and pretend they liked Bagpuss. Then they ask "Were you Blue Peter or Magpie?"

I was Blue Peter, obviously. I've got the badge & everything.

Tomorrow:'Fish Men' and 'Raised by Dogs?' Unless something happens.

Not The Tremblin' Kind - Laura Cantrell

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