Tuesday, November 07, 2006

17.12 Ten Minutes Late
I am quietly, unobtrusively, desperately panicking.

Tomorrow is the interview for that job I have to get if I don't want to go backwards.

There are seven positions available. I've been doing it for three years already. Piece of piss you might think? However, there are at least twelve other people up for it. Possibly as many as twenty. This time, IneffctualManager is on the panel. I joked that I might wear something low-cut to distract him.
Now, I'm not sure it was a joke.

Charlie said I should have vodka for breakfast, because: "Everyone thinks they're great when they're drunk"
Now, I'm not sure it was a joke.

I hate stuff that matters. It undermines my natural triviality and also encourages vulnerability, which I am particularly 'anti'.

LineManager hadn't spoken to me at all, all day, although apparently he's been behaving as if last week never happened. Then he wished me "Good Luck" as he was leaving. I snubbed him. I don't think Leanne was comfortable with my display of petulance.

"So, why are you the best person for the job?"

Come on now, what did we rehearse...?

Lady Memphis - Johnathan Rice
Yes - McAlmont & Butler
The Same Deep Water As Me - I Am Kloot
Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine
Graveyard - Loudon Wainwright III
Girl - The Beatles
Go, Or Go Ahead - Rufus Wainwright
Now It's On - Grandaddy


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