Tuesday, December 12, 2006

17.12 On Time
I've not been reading a lot of books lately.
Or, I've been not reading a lot of books.
What I mean is, I've started loads, got exasperated by them pretty early on and abandoned them.

For example:

"Cloud Atlas" page 4. A pathetic attempt I know, but I really couldn't be doing with it.
"Ursula Under" somewhere round 178ish. I was enjoying it and everything ... then I put it down and couldn't pick it up again.
A book I can't remember the title of by a writer who's name I've forgotten, but who seemed to be sort of modeling himself on Dave Eggers - made it about a third of the way through, but just didn't care enough not to return it to the library on Saturday.
"Small Island" page 20 - but had heard most of it on Radio Four already and it didn't seem worth the effort. Returned that on Saturday as well.

That kind of thing.

I put it down to bingeing on "Love in the Time of Cholera", because I haven't been able to settle to a book since then.

I need to persevere.

Apart from any other consideration I've realised I don't sleep well when I'm not reading well. I am more than half way through "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid," and have decided I want to go to Des Moines for my holidays; that'd be Des Moines in the 50's.

And I came back from the Library with a whole new pile...but the thought of Brett Easton Ellis is already making me queasy.

(Oh, and as for "The Hours" did anyone, anywhere, ever manage to finish that?)

Hangover - Gomez
Toxic Girl - Kings of Convenience
Mrs Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel
Last Chance Texaco - Rickie Lee Jones
Paperboats - Liam Frost
My Favourite Girl - King Creosote
Shore Song - Roddy Frame
Moving The Goalposts - Billy Bragg


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