Wednesday, December 06, 2006

7.31 On Time
My ears have not been right since they flew back from Portland.

The fuzziness comes and goes, but the final straw was earlier this week when not only did I fail to hear the alarm but was also unable to tell that the radio was on. I couldn’t hear John Humphreys! Imagine! Well, yes, but leaving aside that this might be an advantage – it was actually quite scary.

Anyway, I decided to stop moaning and do something.

Turns out the only available appointment before January is the morning after our Christmas jaunt to G-Mex to see Snow Patrol (I know, I know – but it’s Christmas and Elbow are the support).

And at least I shouldn’t have to worry about not having any symptoms.

I shall be seeing a ‘Dr Ross’ and am already having visions of George Clooney… that’s a mistake isn’t it?

Family Tree – Ben Kweller
Suzy Lee - White Stripes
Generals and Majors – XTC
Gimme A C! – Rabbits
Kissing The Lipless – The Shins
William, It Was Really Nothing – The Smiths
Old Soul Song – Bright Eyes
Small Black Flowers … - Manic Street Preachers
100m Backstroke – Josh Rouse

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