Monday, December 11, 2006

7.31 On Time
Shed loads of guilt about my poor performance in the project , participation wise, so spent the weekend spewing out my thoughts on age, ageing and the care of the elderly.
Then realised that Saturday would've been my Dad's 81st birthday and felt sad, then some more guilt because I hadn't given it a thought this time last year, when he would've been 80.
(All in all, as he didn't even make it to 70 I really don't think he's going to be affronted.)

But, then, that reminded me of London last month.
While we were having dinner in an intimate Italian Restaurant Tim asked me who, in the whole world and if anything were possible, I would most like to be able to have dinner with; and we immediately knew that our answers were the same.
Our respective Dads.

And then we had to change the subject quickly.

Jeez, as if I hadn't been feeling low enough already!

Also, on Saturday, met another poor soul who shares this pain, which is always a comfort.

Precious - The Jam
Lazy Line Painter Jane – Belle & Sebastian
From The Morning – Nick Drake
Up On Cripple Creek – The Band
The Go In The Go For It – Grandaddy
Blue Veins – The Raconteurs
Pyramid Song – Radiohead
Back To The One – Roddy Frame

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