Friday, December 22, 2006

8.10 On Time
It’s easy to spot the people who are going out after work tonight.
The novelty of taking the train is making them a little giddy.
They’ve either got their good coats on or have absolutely no warm outer wear whatsoever.
They have to ask which direction the train is headed.

I hope they have a good time, though it will be Absolut hell in town tonight.
Or, from about 3 o’clock probably.

I need a new Christmas Album don’t I ?

Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland – Grandaddy
Little Drummer Boy – The Dandy Warhols
Donna & Blitzen – Badly Drawn Boy
Merry Christmas Everybody - Slade
Just Like Christmas – Low
When I Come Home For Christmas – Snow Patrol
Everyday Is Christmas – The Webb Brothers
Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas – Eels


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