Monday, December 18, 2006

"I'm Not Happy... I'm Not Having Any Fun..."

8.10 On Time
You know when you work really hard at persuading someone to do something they’re not keen on, by saying “Oh go on, we did it there last year and it was great. You'll enjoy it.” and then, eventually they allow themselves to be persuaded, and you’re dead chuffed? but then, when you do it, it’s crap and you feel bad?

That was the Christmas Do.

Anything that could’ve gone wrong, went wrong.

Except for the food being awful. Late, wrong, cold, slow to appear - but not ‘awful’. Although when I ordered ‘strawberry shortcake’ this is not exactly what I had in mind.

There is no way Lovely & OldFishWife are ever coming out again.

UncorrectedPersonalityTrait(Ex)Colleague made an appearance later in the evening (and by 'later' I’m talking half five/six o’clock-ish). Charlie was convinced he’d got wider. He assured us he was happy in his work and more chilled, which, as the alternative would surely have meant him spontaneously combusting by now, I half believed.

I discovered that I am the only person in the office unable to converse intelligently on the subject/s of X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. I need to re-think my Saturday Nights. Leanne asked what I did instead, and I couldn’t come up with an answer - though it’s now obvious.

I spend my Saturday Nights in a slough of despond don’t I?

So, to answer the question “How did it go?”
I managed to avoid hypothermia ... was at home and in my pyjamas by nine... and missed TheAlcoholKing landing one on UncorrectedPersonalityTrait(Ex)Collegue...allegedly.

Manchild -Eels
Too Far Apart - Wilco
Army - Ben Folds Five
Don't Talk - 10,000 Maniacs
Nothing Gives Me Pleasure - Josh Rouse
Jonathan David - Belle & Sebastian
A Day Is Far Too Long - Graham Coxon
Do You Remember The First Time? - Pulp

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