Wednesday, January 03, 2007

7.31 Twenty Minutes Late.
Nothing’s changed, apart from the fare.
Everyone is in a state of post-Christmas comedown.
Even GirlWhoTalksWithHerHands is quiet. BabyCommuter is dozing. MrsBriefcase is exasperated. I probably look as pissed off as everyone else, but am deliberately avoiding catching sight of my reflection.
Three hours sleep, tops. Lying awake in an ever-decreasing circle of self-pity and anxiety.

The twelve year old in me doesn’t want to go back to school.

Keep On Breathing – The Delgados
Strachan – The Hitchers
Dream Brother – Jeff Buckley
Pressed In A Book – The Shins
Wake Up – Arcade Fire
Fruit Of The Vine – Jim White
Nickel Dreams – Nanci Griffith
Fuck Me Kitten - REM


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