Thursday, January 11, 2007

7.31 Five Minutes Late
The chaos on the street this morning makes me wonder how I managed to sleep at all last night.

I skirt the tumbled wheelie bins - spilling their guts onto the pavement, step over a felled ‘For Sale’ sign and avoid broken branches.

Today the journey is over too soon.
My community of early risers is shaken from its security blanket and rolled out into the real world where it's siling down. Rain sweeping in sheets across the near-empty car park.

Today would be a good day for skiving.

I picture myself miles away. Walking over wet cobbles, headed towards the steamy café, toasted teacakes and a large cappuccino, talking for hours about … whatever it was we used to talk about for hours.

Greetings To The New Brunette – Billy Bragg
Lust In The Movies – The Long Blondes
Stumble & Fall - Razorlight
Darkshines - Muse
Never – The Cure
The Mind Is Evil – Clearlake
Wow – Snow Patrol
I Won’t Die For You – The Lilac Time


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