Thursday, January 25, 2007

8.10 Ten minutes Late.
That’s It.
Enough of the gloom.
A New Leaf: I’m embracing my inner Pollyanna, accentuating the positive, looking on the bright side etc.

Seeing how it goes.

My first test: DollFacedGirl asks if she can borrow a pen “For a minute?”
I’m holding a pen in my hand but there is a fraction of a fraction of a second during which I consider saying “No”. It’s not just any old pen after all; it’s my very special Parker Pen, to which I am attached for sentimental reasons, though I can’t remember the reasons.

I pass it across to her.
But I keep her in the corner of my eye until she’s finished with it.

Weightlifting – Trashcan Sinatras
Private Universe – Crowded House
Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out) – Arcade Fire
Postcards From Italy – Beirut
This Land Is My Land – Woody Guthrie
My Love Has Gone – Josh Rouse
Here At The Western World – Steely Dan
Rocket Man – Elton John


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