Wednesday, February 21, 2007

17.12 On Time
Feel sandbagged, press ganged, blind-sided, out flanked.

This morning I had a diabolical meeting at which I was out numbered four to one by Senior Officers who proceeded to tell me, with varying degrees of hostility, that I was pissing on their chips by not being in a position to produce a ring binder full of bits of paper for them to look at by April 1st.

I believe this is called a "portfolio" of "evidence" and is something to do with my "continuing" "professional" "development". Unfortunately, in a weak moment some time last year, I signed another bit of paper (which is now securely fixed within a ring binder and can be produced if required) promising to do it. Apparently the fact that I wasn't in possession of the full facts at the time of signing carries no weight - but then I of all people should know that!

I did ask "If I don't do it - what happens?" and was told by GoodCop would be a "tragedy" (it most definitely will not) and by BadCop that I will have to cough up (at least) £295 and will never "progress". We'll see about that.

I've got a week to think about it. What I think is, I need to talk to ExLineManager.

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