Thursday, February 22, 2007

8.10 On Time
The BagLady, for whose pushy, discourteous ways I have developed an irrational hatred over the last few months, spots someone she knows sitting behind me and abandons her usual seat at the other end of the carriage to join him.

She bundles her trolley down the aisle, uncaring or unaware of who she swipes in passing. Shortly after she takes her seat I become aware that she smells warmly of unwashed clothes, cheap biscuits and ancient face powder. Close up, the creases in the sleeves of her jacket shine with grime. There are white stains on the purple velour of her long skirt. Her voice manages to both rasp and wheedle as she and her friend discuss park homes and compare ungrateful daughters.

I had an irrational hatred for her, now I just feel mean.

Bright Lights And Promises - Janis Ian
Dust Bowl - 10,000 Maniacs
On The Road Again - Canned Heat
Here At The Western World - Steely Dan
Pink Bullets - The Shins
Santa Cruz (You're Not That Far) - The Thrills
Desperado - The Eagles


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