Friday, February 23, 2007

It Starts Stoppin' When It Stops Stoppin'...

7.31 On Time
Mornings like this I could travel forever.
Yesterday I saw the owl (twice); the day before the fox; this morning there were lambs. I keep threatening to stay on till the end of the line 'one day' along with every other thing I'll do 'one day'.

I really love Anne Tyler's "Ladder of Years".The first three quarters anyway, until the unsatisfactory “your family knew where you were all along and were keeping an eye on you till you’d got it out of your system” ending. The idea of ‘just walking’ is one which has held great appeal. Reconstructing yourself, trying on a different life, being the person you thought you might be - just for a while.

It's unlikely to happen in Colne though, this much I do realise.

In Other Words - Ben Kweller
My Favourite Girl - King Creosote
Queen Of The Coast - Laura Cantrell
Late Night Grande Hotel - Nanci Griffith
Break So Easy - Johnathan Rice
The Impossible Dream- Jokers Wild
Road Trippin’ - Red Hot Chilli Peppers


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