Monday, March 05, 2007

17.12 On Time
With forty-five pages of the wretched book still left, and (I swear) the print getting smaller and smaller the 'On The Road' dilemma kind of got taken out of my hands.

Friday night I realised all seven books were due back on Saturday and, knowing we wouldn't be around when the library was open, rang the 24 hour automated 'renew your books without running the risk of having to speak to the freaky librarian' line. The automated (but less distressing than having to speak to the freaky librarian) voice informed me that six items had been successfully renewed, but that "one item could not be renewed" to find out which one "press button 2".

Which I did.

No need really was there?
Some other poor fool has put in a request for it.
Now, adding insult to injury, I'm going to be fined for the privilege of having the damn thing overdue!

Citizen's Arrest - Wolf Colonel
All In Your Mind - Beck
Something To Live For - Ed Harcourt
Love and War - Rilo Kiley
3 Feet Tall - I Am Kloot
Be Here Now - Oasis
Just A Day - Feeder
Royksopp's Night Out - Royksopp
Praise You - Fatboy Slim


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